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Easter, A Treasured Anthology

…Savior, Jesus-the Christ. Songs include: Worthy! • Great Is the Lord Our God • Lord of Might and Miracles with We Bow Down • Water of Life • Remember Me • Any Other Way • Behold Emmanuel • The Day He Wore My Crown • All Because of God's Amazing Grace •…

We Will Remember
Thanksgiving anthems

This great song of gratitude was written from the heart of worship leader, Tommy Walker. It reminds us of the great works of the Lord and that we should give Him the praise He deserves.

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

…the weight of our sin to the cross. Today, as we look back at the cross and remember the sacrifice that was given so willingly, we see God's magnificent and perfect plan to redeem mankind. Most of all, as we survey the wondrous cross today, we are filled with joy and hope in knowing that death…

Easter anthems

Come together and celebrate Jesus conquering the grave with this new anthem from Passion. Cliff Duren’s arrangement creates an opportunity for your church to join and sing of the hope we have in Christ.

In God We Trust Medley
Patriotic anthems

…more importantly, we must remember the source of our protection, our provision, and, ultimately, our joy. God is always by our side, fighting on our behalf, faithful and true, and worthy of our allegiance. In this triumphant anthem, arranged by Russell Mauldin, we can remember that our hope is in…

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In God We Trust
Ready to Sing

…who have served our country, remember our nation’s rich history, and lift up songs that remind us that our ultimate hope comes from God. Each book includes both the Ready To Sing and Simple Series versions. Ready To Sing - In God We Trust Video Previews Simple Series - In God We Trust Video Previews

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2,000 Decembers Ago
Christmas anthems

…Hamby, that marvels at the first Christmas. Did they realize the magnitude of what was happening that night in Bethlehem? Jesus, the Son of God, had come! Now, we remember and sing with gladness in our hearts, praising God for the mercy and grace He sent when Christ was born. Lyric Video Preview

Amazing Love How Can It Be

…Christ has redeemed brokenness with transforming grace. This Easter, we reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus paid and celebrate the freedom we know through His amazing love. We remember that through Christ alone, we find new life, strength, and hope in the midst of any circumstance. Russell…

What Child Is This?

This Christmas, we rejoice because of the true reason of joy and celebration – the birth of Jesus Christ. We gather to reflect on the manger scene and the wonder of heaven coming down to earth as a small Child. As we lift up these songs of the season, we remember the miraculous life of Christ and…

The Patriot Song

…those whose names we remember and celebrate, but even more often, by many whose names we don't even know. They have carried its melody and its rhythm through struggle and strife, and through challenge and hardship. Now it is up to us to make sure that through courage and sacrifice we proudly keep…


…encounter. This fun-filled musical is a great reminder to your children, and your church, that God will help us weather any of life's storms as long as we are obedient to His will. Songs include: 'Tis So Sweet • Arkeology • Arkeology (Reprise) • Crocodile Crawl • I'm Standing…

Behold the Lamb
Easter anthems

At Easter, we celebrate the story of redemption, remembering the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. The Lamb of God chose to die on the cross for our sins, forever declaring God’s love for us. "Behold the Lamb" is the powerful new anthem from Passion, arranged by Russell Mauldin, that beautifully reminds…

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