Brentwood Benson Hymnals: Praise! Our Songs and Hymns – KJV (Red)

Praise! Our Songs and Hymns – KJV (Red)

This hymnal is designed to foster the warmth and fervor of the musical expression of the Church through the spirit of praise and worship. Selections which resound of the deepening relationship between ourselves and our Father include a diversity of musical forms-from hymn standards to heart-stirring gospel favorites to contemporary worship choruses. Yet, despite diverse origins, their amazing unity of focus serves to bind these songs together in the enrichment of our worship. This hymnal is conveniently divided into topical sections: The Upward Look, The Inward Look, The Out-ward Look and Worship Resources. Included scripture readings (available in either King James Version or New International Version translations) are clearly organized for congregational response, and affirmations of faith, prayers and other devotional resources make its use equally appropriate for the individual, small study groups, for services in a village chapel or in a metropolitan super-church.

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