Brentwood Benson Hymnals: Heavenly Highway Hymns

Heavenly Highway Hymns

This classic hymnal developed by the Stamps-Baxter publishing company and released in 1956 remained as one of the top 10 music books sold by the Zondervan corporation for many years and continues to be one of the most popular hymnals in its class. Featuring old-time gospel standards with choral arrangements typeset in shape note style, this original captures the singing style taught in the Stamps-Baxter music schools.

Hymnals with the product numbers 75608852 come in Chili Red, 75608853 in Blue, 75608854 in Blue, and 75608856 in Red.

  • Hymnal (Paperback/Chili) 025986539672
    × US $7.99
  • Hymnal (Blue) 025986539771
    × US $9.99
  • Hymnal (Large Print/Blue) 025986539788
    × US $19.99
  • Hymnal (Red) 025986540975
    × US $9.99