Brentwood Benson Kids: Jeff Slaughter VBS TreeHouse

Jeff Slaughter VBS TreeHouse

Arranger: Jeff Slaughter

Join Jeff Slaughter at the VBS TreeHouse for an action-packed adventure through the Bible! The scriptures and Bible stories teach us about the promises of God starting with our theme verse, Joshua 23:14. We'll continue the adventure through skits, craftivities, games, and fun snacks that reinforce the themes for each day.

God's Promises + You = Adventure!

Theme Verse: The Lord Your God has kept all of the good promises he gave you. Every one of them has come true. Not one has failed to come true. And you know that with all your heart and soul.

Theme Song: God's Promises

Day 1: God promises love

Day 2: God promises hope

Day 3: God promises salvation

Day 4: God promises provision

Day 5: God promises power

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