Brentwood Benson Kids: Unselfie


Simple Plus Series for Kids / Arrangers: Sue C. Smith, Gina Boe, Brian Hitt

  • Music and script by Gina Boe and Sue C. Smith that teaches kids about the selfless love of Christ and how to share it with others
  • Songs produced by Brian Hitt that will engage children of all ages
  • Five speaking parts that allow your kids to understand stories of Christ’s love and practical ways they can be a light for Him
  • Choral Book 645757328870
    × US $6.99
  • Digital Choral Book (Vocal Only) 645757328962
    × US $6.99
  • Digital Choral Book (Piano/Unison) 645757328979
    × US $6.99
  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757328832
    × US $69.99
  • Digital Split-Track Accompaniment DL 645757328931
    × US $69.99
  • Listening CD 645757328825
    × US $12.99
  • Listening CD 10-Pak 645757328849
    × US $59.99
  • Digital Listening 645757328924
    × US $12.99
With a constant barrage of selfies, Tweets, and Snaps, it’s easy to get caught up in today’s self-absorbed culture. This changes for a group of kids when they learn of a brand-new app called Unselfie. The app lets you take pictures of yourself but only allows you to post if the motive behind it is unselfish. Join Bill, Molly, Ron, Ginny, and Charley on an adventure where they learn the importance of being unselfish in today’s selfie world by sharing the transforming love of Christ.

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