Brentwood Benson Kids: The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover

The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover

Jerusalem's wall is in ruins. The city is unprotected and the people are discouraged. They've been in this condition for 140 years and it's time for a makeover; not only for their wall, but for their hearts as well. God's man for the job – Nehemiah – shows up, bullhorn in hand, and the impossible becomes possible because God is in it. The work is not without opposition, but God's purpose will prevail. This timeless story of God's restoration of Jerusalem's wall and its people is told with a unique mix of biblical and 21st century characterizations in a highly entertaining, yet biblically sound 45-minute presentation. The work (and the fun) begins right now for The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover. There is also a Demonstration DVD available for this product.

  • Demo DVD 645757110703
    × US $19.99
  • CD Preview-Pak 645757110710
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  • Listening CD 645757110727
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  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757110734
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  • Bulk CD's (10 Pack) 645757110741
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  • Choral Book 645757110772
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  • Bulletins (100 Pack) 645757110789
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  • Posters (12 Pack) 645757110796
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