Brentwood Benson Kids: Once Upon a Time Shop

Once Upon a Time Shop

Arranger: Ed Kee

Bring to life this inspiring Broadway-style children's musical about love, forgiveness, and the little time we have to give it. Once Upon a Time Shop focuses on an orphanage around the early 1900's where, under the watchful eye of "crotchety" caretaker Miss Curmudgeon, the children make clocks to earn their keep. When the clock shop receives a large clock order with a strict deadline, Miss Curmudgeon pushes the children to work even harder. However, they soon discover that one of the oldest clocks in the clock shop, Grandfather Clock, can talk. With Grandfather Clock's spiritual wisdom, the children begin to see Miss Curmudgeon in a new light. Ideal for children's choirs of all sizes, this moving musical features fun-to-sing new songs and heart-warming drama perfect for performing any time of the year.

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