Brentwood Benson Kids: LifeSong


Arrangers: Sue C. Smith, Kris Crunk, Simon Hawkins

Come join the fun and adventure in this tropical setting as six kids are put to the test to not only find the true leader inside each of them, but to learn to lead like Jesus. The excited leaders bring each of their gifts as the mystery voice challenges and evaluates them through the quest. Abby-the competitive swimmer; Brodie-the scuba diving servant leader; Lane-the popular surf boarder; Dooney-the funny one; DT (Demetrius)-the athletic kayaking kid and Cat (Catherine)-the smart and daring girl who arrives by parachute, all come together to discover that a servant leader encourages, listens, cares, inspires, keeps a level head and loves the way Jesus loves. This 45-minute musical was created by Sue C. Smith, Simon Hawkins and Kris Crunk for unison/optional 2-part choirs. Filled with top Christian radio hits like Lifesong, Me and Jesus, and Voice of Truth, along with several new songs, your kids choir and drama team are going to love this exciting journey.

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