Brentwood Benson Kids: Amazing Grace (25th Anniversary Edition)

Amazing Grace (25th Anniversary Edition)

Arrangers: Greg Nelson, Karen Dean Fry

  • A celebration of one of the best-selling children's musicals of all time
  • A fun, innovative, and heartfelt children's experience that asks the question, “Has anybody here seen Grace?”
  • This 25th anniversary helps kids explore the concept of the grace of God and makes it relevant to their life
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When it was first released 25 years ago, we really had no way of knowing how successful this fun, innovative and heartfelt children's musical might be. 25 years later, we now know it to be one of the best-selling children's musicals of all time! So here, on its 25th Anniversary, we proudly re-release it to an entirely new generation of kids who are still going to be asking, Has anybody here seen Grace?

How do you explain the concept of grace to a child?

It's not something you can see or feel or someone you can know.......or is it?

Grown-ups say, Grace is sufficient. Kids say, Grace is Bigger.

Grown-ups call it Calvary. Kids talk about The Grace Place.

We called this a musical for children. We discovered it's a musical for everyone.

See Grace through the eyes of a child. You'll be amazed!