Brentwood Benson Kids: David's Dynasty

David's Dynasty

Arrangers: Gina Boe, Sue C. Smith, Barb Dorn, Christopher Davis

  • A comically engaging Christmas musical that takes place outside of the hills of Bethlehem
  • Includes kids of all ages in the excitement of the night Jesus was born through fun and meaningful arrangements and narrations
  • Shares the message that every one of us is invited to be part of a dynasty – God's great family which we join when we believe in His Son
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  • Choral Book 645757239275
    × US $7.99
  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757239237
    × US $90.00
  • Split-Track Accompaniment DVD (with .Mov files) 645757239268
    × US $159.99
  • Listening CD 645757239220
    × US $16.99
  • Bulletins (100 Pack) 645757239282
    × US $19.99
  • Posters (12 Pack) 645757239299
    × US $19.99
  • Director's Resource Kit Digital Download 645757239244
    × US $49.99
  • Digital Art Files Digital Download 645757274757
    × US $4.99
  • CD Preview-Pak 645757239213
    × US $14.99

On the hills outside of Bethlehem, a family of inquisitive, energetic shepherds discovers the meaning of being part of the royal dynasty that will one day produce a new king for their people. As they explore what the prophets said would happen in boring Bethlehem, they become part of the story unfolding on the night Jesus was born. They learn that even though you may have to wait to see it happen, God always keeps His promises. And in the end, they realize that every one of us is invited to be part of a dynasty – God's great family which we join when we believe in His Son. So, come join the humorous and side-splitting adventure of David's Dynasty!

David's Dynasty is a new 37-minute comically engaging Christmas musical from the Brentwood Kids Music Club, by creators Gina Boe, Barb Dorn, Sue C. Smith, and veteran kids' music producer, Christopher Davis.

In addition to the Split-Track Accompaniment CD, a sing-a-long Split-Track Accompaniment DVD disc set is also available, adding a stunning visual experience to your presentation of this powerful Christmas musical! This two-disc set offers an easy-to-play DVD on Disc #1 and QuickTime (.mov) files to use with your favorite worship presentation software on Disc #2.

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