Benson Choral: The Wondrous Gift

The Wondrous Gift

Super Simple Kids Series / Arrangers: Johnathan Crumpton, Rhonda Frazier

The Brentwood Kids Club has created a mini-musical in The Simple Series for Kids, but has designed it to be even more attainable to help your younger kids music programs, such as Cherub choirs or your regular program with last-minute needs. The Wondrous Gift is a fun-filled 10-minute mini-musical created by Rhonda Frazier and Johnathan Crumpton. With familiar carols and easy-to-learn dialogue, The Wondrous Gift is truly a Super Simple Series for Kids. There is also a second optional dialogue to give you some creative options based on the needs of your church. Both versions of dialogue are included on the Listening CD. It is our hope that your children learn more about The Wondrous Gift that was given that first Christmas - Jesus.

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