Benson Choral: The Christmas Offering

The Christmas Offering

Celebrating the Greatest Gift of All / Arrangers: Luke Gambill, BJ Davis

  • Delivers the heart-stirring message that because of the amazing gift Christ gave, each one of us has something special to offer—both to Christ and to others
  • Serves as a reminder and celebration of Jesus Christ, the most treasured Christmas offering of all
  • Includes a compelling narration that engages and guides the congregation through the Christmas story
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  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757139131
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  • Orchestration/Conductor's Score CD-Rom 645757139186
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  • Soprano Rehearsal Track CD 645757139209
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As we read through the timeless Christmas story we find several moments of precious offerings: Christ offered Himself, the innkeeper offered a humble cattle stall, the wise-men offered their costly gifts, the shepherds offered their solemn praise, the angels offered their majestic worship, and Mary offered her very own life. Today, because of the amazing gift Christ gave, each one of us has something special to offer - both to Christ and to others. Created by Luke Gambill, Sue C. Smith, and BJ Davis, optional drama by Heidi Petak, and arranged by BJ Davis and Luke Gambill, this 50 minute Christmas musical is a reminder and celebration of the most treasured Christmas offering of all - Jesus Christ. Because of His amazing love, we can celebrate The Christmas Offering. A Child who would bring the whole world to its knees, A Child who became the King of kings; This little Child is the Christmas offering. Enjoy the narration as it guides you through The Christmas Offering, or engage your congregation with the optional stirring drama script. For your convenience, both are found within this choral book.

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