Brentwood Benson Kids: It's a Wonder-Full Life

It's a Wonder-Full Life

Arrangers: Luke Gambill, Pam Andrews

A group of kids have just finished their Christmas musical. While putting away the Christmas set, one child, Foster, begins complaining. He would rather forgo the manger and all the Christmas stuff to go home and open presents. Suddenly, Terrance appears...the children believe him to be Mr. T, the janitor. To show the real meaning of Christmas, Terrance talks to God, asking Him to remove Christmas. Suddenly, the entire Christmas scene disappears. WHERE IS CHRISTMAS?! IT NO LONGER EXISTS! The Christmas Tree has no lights, the Christmas Bell cannot ring, the Christmas Present is empty and the manger is missing from the Nativity scene. The children realize Jesus is the reason for the season and that Christmas ËisË Jesus. Their hearts change, especially Foster's, and they see the promise that Jesus brought to the world. They stop thinking about themselves and start thinking of others. Jesus is the reason for the Season and the reason that each of us can truly have a Wonderful Life! Created by Pam Andrews and Luke Gambill and arranged by John DeVries, It's a Wonder-FULL Life is a 45-minute musical that is delightful, fun and one that chlidren of all ages are certain to enjoy!

Thank you for your interest in this great music! This title is out-of-print, but there’s hope!
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