Brentwood Choral: Go Tell It!

Go Tell It!

A Simple Christmas Series / Arrangers: Craig Adams, Johnathan Crumpton

  • Simple yet powerful Christmas musical that allows us to tell the whole world that Jesus has come
  • Especially designed for the unison or two-part choir with limited rehearsal time
  • Joyful, easy-to-learn arrangements that will encourage your choir and congregation to spread the good new of Jesus Christ
  • Choral Book 645757091071
    × US $6.99
  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757091033
    × US $69.99
  • Listening CD 645757091026
    × US $12.99
  • CD Preview-Pak 645757091019
    × US $14.99

Christmas is an opportunity to tell the whole world that Jesus has come. What an incredible story! What an amazing night! Go, Tell It! is a simple, yet powerful Christmas musical which once again allows us to tell someone about the good news of Jesus' birth. The Simple Christmas Series from Brentwood Music Publications once again presents a joyful 20-minute mini-musical that has been especially designed for the unison/2-part choir with limited rehearsal time. The fully orchestrated tracks will have your choir singing like never before as they re-tell a story that has been told for thousands of years around the world. This year, may this easy-to-sing, easy-to-learn musical encourage your choir and congregation to find someone to tell...Jesus Christ, our Savior, has been born!

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