Brentwood Choral: Glory to the Newborn King

Glory to the Newborn King

A Simple Christmas Series / Arranger: Luke Gambill

  • Mini-musical that will uplift your choir and challenge them to take the story of the birth of Christ into the community
  • Utilizes wonderful narration, poignant new songs of the season, and familiar Christmas carols
  • Designed for unison or two-part choirs with limited rehearsal time
  • Choral Book 645757226077
    × US $6.99
  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757226039
    × US $69.99
  • Split-Track Accompaniment DVD 645757226060
    × US $159.99
  • Listening CD 645757226022
    × US $12.99
  • Soprano/Alto Rehearsal Track CD 645757226008
    × US $4.99
  • Tenor/Bass Rehearsal Track CD 645757226053
    × US $4.99
  • CD Preview-Pak 645757226015
    × US $14.99

Christmas is an amazingly glorious time for Christians around the world – a time to celebrate the most miraculous birth the history of mankind has ever known: the birth of Jesus Christ! Glory to the Newborn King is the perfect celebration of Christmas, utilizing wonderful narration, poignant newer songs of the season and familiar Christmas carols such as, Joy to the World, Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, Like Shepherds and Wise Men Do, Angels, from the Realms of Glory, Imagine (Without the Love of God), and Go, Tell It on the Mountain.

Whether using the Split-Track Accompaniment DVD or the Split-Track Accompaniment CD (both fully orchestrated), we invite you to experience a true Christmas celebration with this easy-to-sing, easy-to-learn 23-minute Christmas musical designed for Unison or Two-Part Choirs with limited rehearsal time.

We pray this Simple Series mini-musical encourages and uplifts your choir, and challenges them to take the story of the birth of Christ into your community and spread the Gospel as you give Glory to the Newborn King! Glory to the Newborn King!

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