Brentwood Choral: Blessed Is the Nation

Blessed Is the Nation

A Simple Series Patriotic Mini-Musical / Arranger: Ed Kee

This is a nation whose legacy has been one of deep faith and great freedom, both of which have been given to us by God Himself. In recent years, this bedrock foundation has begun to crumble as we have systematically pushed God out of our national conscience. These are perilous times and the survival of our prosperity and blessing as a nation hangs in the balance.

Blessed Is the Nation, One Hope for America, from Brentwood-Benson's Simple Series, is a 27-minute musical that takes a serious look at the state of our nation and serves as a call to prayer and repentance, lest, through our indifference, we lose the freedom we have so long cherished. With stirring narration and easy-to-sing 2-part vocals, your choir and congregation will be challenged not only to remember our godly heritage, but to return to it. God's Word is clear: Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord. (Psalm 33:12)

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