Brentwood Choral: In Christ Alone

In Christ Alone

A Ready To Sing Easter / Arrangers: Russell Mauldin, Tony Wood

The Ready to Sing Series presents an Easter experience celebrating that victorious day when God's redemption plan was fulfilled. Our hearts rejoice as hope rises like the Sunday sun over Jerusalem that first Easter morning. Today, we live our earthly days in the light of the dawn that revealed the power, majesty, wisdom and grace of our risen Savior. Created by Tony Wood and Russell Mauldin and masterfully arranged in the Ready To Sing style by Russell Mauldin, In Christ Alone is a 30-minute Easter musical designed for the small-to-medium-size choir, or the large choir with last minute performance needs. Includes simple, yet powerful, narration along with new and classic songs for the church.

  • Choral Book 645757143770
    × US $8.99
  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757143732
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  • Orchestration/Conductor's Score CD-Rom Sorry Sold Out 645757143787
    US $375.00
  • Listening CD 645757143725
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  • Soprano Rehearsal Track CD 645757143800
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  • Alto Rehearsal Track CD 645757143855
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  • Tenor Rehearsal Track CD 645757143862
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  • Bass Rehearsal Track CD 645757143879
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  • Posters (12 Pack) 645757143893
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