Benson Choral: Under God

Under God

A Patriotic Celebration of Hope / Arrangers: Tony Wood, Phil Cross, Ed Kee, Richard Kingsmore

Every year we celebrate the birth of this great nation, and most of all, the freedom that we enjoy as citizens of the United States. The land we love and the freedom we enjoy within its borders did not happen by chance, but was designed and ushered into existence by God Himself. His hand has constantly been upon our country and its affairs. This thought-provoking musical, written by Dove award-winning writers Tony Wood and Phil Cross, reminds us of our glorious past and encourages us, in spite of dark clouds on the horizon, to look to the future with hope, for the God who ordained the birth of this nation is the One who holds a blessed future for His people. We must never forget that we are a people and we are a nation - Under God.

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