Benson Choral: Truth Is Marching On

Truth Is Marching On

Arranger: Richard Kingsmore

America owes its greatness to the divine hand of Almighty God. We sing about that in the verses of our National Anthem. Our forefathers engraved it on our coins- In God We Trust. Out of gratitude they acknowledged that God has made and preserved our nation. This compelling musical exalts that truth as it celebrates the symbols and sentiments that unite this great country. With stirring songs and opportunities for congregational participation, Truth is Marching On is not just a mini-musical, but an experience that will motivate and inspire. While there are many today who would see all mention of God removed from the fabric of our society, the truth remains that, without Him, we would cease to exist. That idea...that belief in God is woven into the very foundation of our the truth. God is truth...and then, as now...HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON.

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