Brentwood Choral: This Is My Country

This Is My Country

A Ready to Sing Patriotic Musical / Arranger: Russell Mauldin

This Is My Country, A Ready to Sing Patriotic Musical, takes a look back at our heritage, as we journey through American history. From the authoring and signing of the Declaration of Independence, to rugged pioneers traveling West in search of golden opportunities, this country was forged through hard work and determination, and fortified by a sense of adventure and dreams of a better life. Most of all, it was built on the biblical principles of Almighty God. The Dove Award winning team of Russell Mauldin and Sue C. Smith have created this new, Ready to Sing Patriotic Musical to commemorate our history and celebrate our future!

Arranged and Orchestrated by Russell Mauldin, this 30-minute patriotic musical, in the Ready to Sing tradition, is easy-to-sing and easy-to-learn. Visually enhance your Fourth of July celebration and bring it to life utilizing the DVD accompaniment track as you present, This Is My Country, new, from Ready to Sing!

Video Samples

  • Choral Book 645757184377
    × US $8.99
  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757184339
    × US $98.99
  • DVD Split Track Accompaniment 645757184360
    × US $225.00
  • Listening CD 645757184322
    × US $16.99
  • Soprano Rehearsal Track CD 645757184407
    × US $5.49
  • Alto Rehearsal Track CD 645757184452
    × US $5.49
  • Tenor Rehearsal Track CD 645757184469
    × US $5.49
  • Bass Rehearsal Track CD 645757184476
    × US $5.49
  • CD Preview-Pak 645757184315
    × US $14.99

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