Benson Choral: From Sea to Shining Sea

From Sea to Shining Sea

Arranger: Camp Kirkland

America was founded and established by the providential hand of God with the intention that its government and its citizens would always honor, respect and obey their Creator. God's unchangeable laws and precepts were intentionally written into the very fabric and framework of our Constitution and our culture. In the 200-plus years since its beginning, America has slowly shifted its moral center from a focus on God and His provision to a dependency on its own human effort and achievement as the means of success and stability as a nation. As God has faded from our national culture, our domestic problems have compounded until America now finds itself in turbulent waters, struggling to stay afloat. Politicians and citizens alike are looking for an answer to the questions: What can we do? Is there any hope for our country? God is merciful. He has not given up on us yet, but there is only one course of action that will save our nation from impending peril - repentance. With true repentance, God longs for us to turn again to Him. This 20-minute musical is a brief, but serious look at our country and what is necessary for God to once again shed His grace on America...From Sea to Shining Sea.

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