Brentwood Choral: Vocal Ease

Vocal Ease

Vocal Ease is a series of 13 exercises compiled by Dave Williamson as a result of scanning the globe for over 30 years in an effort to identify a warm-up sequence that really works. The exercises in this collection are the best of the best at actually preparing the voice for singing.

The exercises fall into 5 categories:

•Breathing Exercises - Proper breathing is the foundation of all singing. These exercises teach breathing technique, muscle development and breath control.

•Cobweb Sweeping Exercises - Helps attack and remove the undesirable things that have come to roost in the mouth and throat.

• First Song Exercises - Establishes the sound in the sinus cavity; helps with the development of unification of pronunciation, accuracy of pitch - both hearing and singing, and connecting of the melodic line.

•Tongue and Lip Exercises - Focuses on getting sound in the sinus region. Limbering up exercise for the lips.

•Combination Exercises - Puts all the exercises together.

These exercises are very versatile: They can be used either in the context of a choir rehearsal, or individually in a choir member's home or car. Wherever you use them, they'll work, and they'll work great! Dave makes it easy for you to teach your choir these warm-ups. In the Director's Edition, each exercise is prefaced with Dave's explanation of its purpose and includes a demonstration by Dave with his choir of how it is to be performed. The Singer's Edition includes the exercises only, without the explanations of each exercise. If you're serious about improving the sound of your choir, this series is for you!