Benson Choral: Then and There: Settled and Done

Then and There: Settled and Done

Arrangers: Geron Davis, Bradley Knight

  • A powerful Easter musical that shares the message of the transforming power of life found in Christ
  • Celebrates the day that the blood of Jesus washed away our sin and the payment for sin was settled and done
  • Includes magnificent arrangements that will minister to your entire congregation and choir
  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757125431
    × US $98.99
  • Orchestration/Conductor's Score CD-Rom 645757125486
    × US $375.00
  • Listening CD 645757125424
    × US $16.99
  • Soprano Rehearsal Track CD 645757125509
    × US $5.49
  • Alto Rehearsal Track CD 645757125554
    × US $5.49
  • Tenor Rehearsal Track CD 645757125561
    × US $5.49
  • Bass Rehearsal Track CD 645757125578
    × US $5.49
  • Drum Rehearsal Track CD 645757125653
    × US $10.00
  • Bass Guitar Rehearsal Track CD 645757125660
    × US $10.00
  • Guitar Rehearsal Track CD 645757125677
    × US $10.00
  • Piano/Keyboard Rehearsal Track CD 645757125684
    × US $10.00

Join Geron, along with Kindred Souls, as they celebrate the day that the blood of Jesus washed away our sin and the payment for sin was settled and done. The great news and hope for those of us who believe in His resurrection and Him to forgive us of our sins, is that one day we will see Him in heaven, then and there, face to face. This powerful 50-minute Easter musical has been arranged by Geron Davis and Bradley Knight. From the opening notes of the orchestra to the closing song of the choir, it is our hope that lives are changed because of the magnificent redemption story of God's love.

Thank you for your interest in this great music! We are working hard to create additional digital files of this out-of-print title right now. Check back with us soon!

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