Benson Choral: The Easter Song

The Easter Song

Arranger: Bradley Knight

  • A captivating Easter musical that tells the story of Christ’s last days on earth, His death, and His glorious resurrection
  • Features a poignant drama by Heidi Petak along with the gripping cinematic musical score by Bradley Knight
  • Recreates the epic narrative from Scripture with electrifying detail
  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757160739
    × US $98.99
  • Orchestration/Conductor's Score CD-Rom 645757160784
    × US $375.00
  • Listening CD 645757160722
    × US $19.99
  • Soprano Rehearsal Track CD 645757160807
    × US $5.49
  • Alto Rehearsal Track CD 645757160852
    × US $5.49
  • Tenor Rehearsal Track CD 645757160869
    × US $5.49
  • Bass Rehearsal Track CD 645757160876
    × US $5.49
  • Bulletins (100 Pack) 645757160883
    × US $19.99
  • Posters (12 Pack) 645757160890
    × US $19.99

Each year we celebrate by retelling the account of our Savior's last days on earth, His death and His glorious resurrection. Every detail of this story is crucial to understanding exactly what our Lord suffered for us. With poignant drama by Heidi Petak and a gripping cinematic musical score by Bradley Knight, The Easter Song recreates this epic narrative from the Scripture with electrifying detail. From the agonizing tension of Jesus' arrest and trials...then, the heart-breaking account of His scourging and the breathtaking joy of His resurrection, The Easter Song tells this remarkable story of redemption in unprecedented fashion. The musical can also be effectively performed with two narrators in place of drama.

Thank you for your interest in this great music! We are working hard to create digital files of this out-of-print title right now. Check back with us soon!

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