Benson Choral: My Savior, My God

My Savior, My God

Arranger: Richard Kingsmore

Nearly everyone knows the story of Jesus. We know Him as a baby, a carpenter, a miracle worker, a teacher and prophet, but until we truly comprehend what His death and resurrection mean to us personally, we cannot sincerely call Him Savior and God. Those words are not just titles, but have eternal impact and meaning. Beautifully arranged by Richard Kingsmore, this 40-minute musical not only tells the story of Jesus' final hours on this earth, but in the process, looks at three people who knew Him in an earthly way before His crucifixion and resurrection, and afterward, came to understand the eternal truth of Jesus Christ that changed their lives for eternity. Featuring powerful songs, moving narration, and optional drama, this musical will help your congregation to see beyond the story of Jesus to the personal reality of what His death and resurrection mean to us.

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