Brentwood Choral: Majesty


A Ready To Sing Easter / Arranger: Russell Mauldin

  • Easter musical perfect for the small-to-medium sized choir or the large choir with last-minute performance needs
  • Features songs such as “Majesty,” “Celebrate Jesus,” and many more
  • Combines several familiar classic songs with well-known hymns to create an unforgettable and heart-changing musical experience

The Ready to Sing Series presents an amazing musical for Easter, Majesty. Come and celebrate Jesus' burial and resurrection through powerful songs like Majesty, Celebrate Jesus, Let There Be Glory and Honor and Praises and many more. These incredible songs combined with several familiar classic songs and hymns make Majesty powerful and easy-to-learn. Masterfully arranged and orchestrated by Russell Mauldin in the Ready to Sing style, this 35-minute musical is perfect for the small to medium size choir, or the large choir with last-minute

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