Benson Choral: Easter, A Treasured Anthology

Easter, A Treasured Anthology

Arrangers: Russell Mauldin, Bradley Knight, Dennis Allen, Travis Cottrell, Marty Hamby, J. Daniel Smith


Musical with narration, 8 songs–This 30-minute presentation uses a simple narrative to remind us all that the power of the precious blood of Jesus is alive and at work in our world today. Songs include: The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power • I've Just Been with Jesus • All Because of God's Amazing Grace • Remember Me • The Debt • It Was His Blood • Jesus, the Resurrection • Champion of Love

Musical with narration, 5 songs–This 20-minute celebration demonstrates that when Jesus rose from the grave, sin could not defeat Him, death could never hold Him, and nothing in all the world could keep His love from us. Songs include: Jesus, the Resurrection • Lord of Might and Miracles with We Bow Down • O Love That Will Not Let Me Go • The Day He Wore My Crown • Champion of Love

Passion Play with 11 songs–This 65-70 minute dramatic musical takes you through the events of Jesus' last days. The Passion Play uses 9 main characters, 13 support characters, and 6 non-speaking roles to help effectively illustrate the life, death, and mighty resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus-the Christ. Songs include: Worthy! • Great Is the Lord Our God • Lord of Might and Miracles with We Bow Down • Water of Life • Remember Me • Any Other Way • Behold Emmanuel • The Day He Wore My Crown • All Because of God's Amazing Grace • In a Heartbeat • Alive, Forever, Amen

Musical drama with 5 songs–In this dramatic modern-day 20-minute musical, Jaime and Sam help John and Deidre see the heavy weight that they carry in their backpacks, symbolically: their lives, can be taken away by leaving them at the cross and letting Jesus lift them through His forgiveness. Songs include: My Savior, My God • Water of Life • The Debt • O Love That Will Not Let Me Go • Alive, Forever, Amen

Seasonal service music with monologues–This is a 4-Sunday plan leading up to Easter. Each week features a monologue by a Biblical character and a song from the choir. Includes: The Woman at the Well monologue with Water of Life, Zacchaeus monologue with I've Just Been With Jesus, Aaron (healed boy) monologue with Great Is the Lord Our God, and Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, & the Centurion with 3 interweaving monologues used with the songs: It Was His Blood and Alive, Forever, Amen.

Holy Week service music–A 9-song plan for Palm Sunday: Lord of Might and Miracles with We Bow Downand Great Is the Lord Our God, Maundy Thursday: Remember Me and All Because of God's Amazing Grace, Good Friday: The Day He Wore My Crown and O Love That Will Not Let Me Go, and Easter Sunday: My Savior, My God • Worthy! • Alive, Forever, Amen. Each service plan includes readings and responsive readings taken from Scripture.

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