Benson Choral: Night of Alleluias!

Night of Alleluias!

Arranger: Bradley Knight

Written history cannot contain its grandeur. How can one describe it? Long-awaited, yet unexpected. Supernatural, yet simple. In the most brilliant and cosmic instance ever encountered, all of heaven seemed to spill across the canvas of darkness overhead Bethlehem and the silence was broken with the reverberations of celestial anthems. This, indeed, was no ordinary night. It was... the Night of Alleluias! From the unparalleled creative team of Dove Award-winning songwriters Dave Clark and Mark Harris comes a fresh, engaging perspective of the timeless Christmas story. Your choir will love singing these masterful and traditionally tailored arrangements by Bradley Knight. Your orchestra will thrill at the opportunity to play each truly inspired and glorious orchestration. Your congregation will celebrate the Christmas season with awe and wonder by sharing in the song that began before the dawn of creation. Night of Alleluias!, a 55-minute Christmas Musical, represents the finest of resources offered by Benson Music Publications.

  • Split-Track Accompaniment CD 645757090135
    × US $98.99
  • Conductor's Score 645757090197
    × US $85.00
  • Soprano Rehearsal Track CD 645757090203
    × US $5.49
  • Alto Rehearsal Track CD 645757090258
    × US $5.49
  • Bass Rehearsal Track CD 645757090272
    × US $5.49
  • CD Preview-Pak 645757090111
    × US $14.99

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