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  • To place an order, check product availability, and find more information about a particular product, please take a look through our Help & Support pages for answers to common questions. If you prefer to speak with one of our friendly sales representatives you can reach us at 1.800.846.7664 ext.1 or 615.261.3300 ext. 1, Monday to Friday 8am–5pm Central Time, or click here to send an email to our customer service team. If you know your representatives extension please press 3 when prompted then dial the extension.

    Questions about an Invoice or Statement?

    You can speak with one of our credit service representatives by dialing: 1.800.846.7664 ext. 2 or 615.261.3300 ext.2

    Send faxes to: 1.615.371.6582

    Please make checks payable to Brentwood Benson.

    Payment Address:
    Brentwood Benson
    PO Box 74008453
    Chicago, IL 60674-8453

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