Brentwood Benson Kids: Cookin' Up Christmas

Cookin' Up Christmas

Where Love is the Main Ingredient / Arrangers: Nancy Gordon, Luke Gambill, Kellie Armstrong

Welcome to Cookin' Up Christmas!!! This year the annual choir Christmas party is stirring up something new. Instead of the party being all about them, the choir members have collected favorite recipes from their church members and are cookin' up some treats to share with the community. Join Miss Paula Queen, Emerald Lasagna, Betty Rocker, Rachael Day, Bobby Grey, Martha Steward and Alfred Brown as they collect recipes, cook together, and wrap gifts. In the midst of great teamwork they learn about the real recipe of Christmas: God's love! This easy 30-minute Christmas musical was created by Nancy Gordon, Kellie Armstrong, and Luke Gambill and produced by Brian Green. With 5 songs and 4 scenes, 4 charactors for boys and 4 charactors for girls, this fun-filled musical is perfect for small programs, or large programs with last-minute needs. Your kids will have a cookin' up time presenting Cookin' Up Christmas.

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